About Me

My Paintings

All my paintings are oil on canvas, most of which are painted on location and finished in the studio. When conditions are right, I love dropping what I’m doing, packing up my easel and heading out to find something interesting. My studio paintings tend to be larger, include figures, and are done from sketches, photos, and memory.

Painting at Lake Superior, Wisconsin

My Inspirations

When my dad first started to teach me to paint outdoors, I found it exciting, intense, and often frustrating. Been hooked ever since. Painting goes hand-in-hand with many of my other pursuits as an outdoorsman and traveler. The family cabin on Lake Superior provides the scenes for some of the paintings. Others come from far-ranging travels. My forty years as a taxidermist in Bath, Michigan has helped develop a keen artistic eye and has provided a wonderful workplace to create with brush and oils for many years to come.

Plein-Air Painting in Dominican Republic